Doğu Özgün

Born in 1988


2011- Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting BA

2016- Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting MA

 My last works have the characteristics of assault towards the significant authorities that fell, taught happiness scenes that are left behind or promised happiness that comes from the approval of the majority, teachings of this majority for all ages and package programs. His works fight against social gender roles, government’s pragmatic diplomacy, defence of two-faced moralty and many teachings that reclaim aesthetic terms as adaptation. In the series that heavily consist of canvas paintings, as well as sculpture, collage and etchings, dynamics of tension is adjusted by bringing colors together. His criticism on himself, his family and his environment are vital forces that encourages his production process. The individual who is sterilized, stucked inside a family institution that turned into a showcase, not able to continue to perform his role, plays a centeralized role in the artist’s paintings. This individual leaves the habitat that he born in, breaks away from his roots, turns his back against to insisted teachings, blesses the courage and willpower. He builds up a color-sketch world that imitation and illusion cannot affect with determination that doesn’t allow a leakage of objective reality.