Eda Soylu

Photo Credit: Nazlı Erdemirel

Photo Credit: Nazlı Erdemirel

1990 Born in Istanbul.
Lives and works in Istanbul.


2012, European Honours Program, Rome
2013, Rhode Island School of Design, Painting, BA.


Eda Soylu focuses her art practice on installation. In her installations that she shapes around the concepts such as home, shelter, oppression and suppression; she minds the space and the installation’s belonging to the space. She focuses on the relationship between the artwork, the space and the visitor. Her solo exhibitions, which are a sequel, belongs to the series And The House Frowned, carry a piece from artist’s personal life along with the culture she is part of.

Her first solo exhibition in Istanbul, in 2014, “Not Being Forgotten, How Strange!”took place in Berlin Art Projects. In 2016, her second solo exhibition “Constructing the House Anew” took place in Kadir Has University, Gallery Khas in Istanbul.  Her third solo exhibition in Istanbul, in 2018, took place in Mixer, "Remnants From My Grandmother's House". She currently lives and works in Istanbul.