Leyla Emadi


1977 Born in Ankara.
Lives and works in ─░stanbul.


2018, Yeditepe University, Faculty of Social Science, Qualification in Art
2007, Yeditepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting, MA
2004, Yeditepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting, BA

The artist was born in Ankara in 1977 as an Iranian. Those were the times when both countries were unstable politically and ideologically.

On one hand, there were things that the changes in the regime introduced to her life, or what it took away from it, on the other, there were military coups and oppression. On both sides, the unending chaos and disorder to last for years. The basis of her art stems from being exposed to the oppression and ideal disagreements in the middle of these two countries, which are being through similar times.

Violence, oppression and cruelty is always the main theme in her work, being blended in a plastic language of hers. In her work, she actually deals with human as a subject. The assets which people are emotionally attached at, like gender, religion, politics, ideology and cliched thoughts are the second most important element in her works. Her goal is to question, crash and when necessary, demolish these patterns.

Her opinion is that being able produce thinking freely is the basic right of humanity in a free society, and her only aim is to reflect this in her art.