Özcan Saraç


1988 Born in Izmir.
Lives and works in Istanbul and Zurich.


2012, University of Essex, BSC
2013, School of Visual Arts New York, Workshop
2014, École Parsons à Paris, Transdisciplinary
2016, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Medienkunst, Zürich


Özcan Saraç’s works mainly focus on the faulty effects of the most basic concepts which has been created by humankind itself. As mankind is curtaining off the sense of the bigger picture, in other words universal system, the logical explanations of current situation of evolution are more hardly to be found in a glitch of actuality. For the sake of creating modular thinking spaces, the projects use live and on the site conceptual research areas running on scientific and technological platforms to connect with the audience who will bedirected to be part of the act itself as the main purpose is not to implement an idea in the minds, but to welcome them to their own questionings.