Mixer Gallery View

Mixer is a contemporary art space that aims to help develop the new generation of great Turkish artists. By focusing exclusively on emerging local talent, Mixer has become the leading gallery in Istanbul for young artists to find active and broad support and for collectors to discover new and exciting art. We love to take risks in our program, from realizing an artist's vision for a new media installation to developing public art projects. We use our space creatively to run an ambitious exhibition calendar and to inspire the fast developing art community in the city through our training programs and workshops. 

Mixer Team

Hamit Hamutçu - Founder 

Bengü Gün - Director | bengu.gun@mixerarts.com

Özhan Kakış - Artist Liaison | ozhan.kakis@mixerarts.com

Emrah Çoban - Project Coordinator | emrah.coban@mixerarts.com

Zeynep Bolat - Project Coordinator I zeynep.bolat@mixerarts.com

Visiting Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 11.00-19.00

Mixer is closed on every Monday and Sunday.

Mixer is closed on January 1, religious ad national holidays. 





Mixer Editions

The main purpose of Mixer Editions is to offer art appreciators high quality and affordable artworks including a selection of large format photographs, digital works and artworks produced with traditional printing techniques (lithography, wood print, screen print, etching) by many local and international artists. Within the scope of this project, new collectors and art appreciators find the chance to obtain original artworks for affordable prices as the artists reach a much larger audience. 

ArtWriting Turkey

Since November 2013, on another important channel of artistic production, which is art writing and criticism, Mixer organizes ArtWriting Turkey Project, aiming to bring emerging art writers with the professionals in the field via workshops, exhibition tours and talks, at the end of which a printed book consisting of the participants' pieces of writing is published annually. Through this project and collaborating with other institutions in the art world within it, Mixer not only sheds light on the current situation of art writing in Turkey, but also it produces archive-like printed materials.


The project ArtLabwhich is another key initiative of Mixer and one of the newest liberal art collectives in the area, is created to strengthen the relationship with the local and international artists. The project aims to show the unseen aspect of an artist’s production process to the audience. Artists coming from different disciplines have shared with people their artistic approaches and practices, as well as their artworks, during Mixer’s ArtLab Project.


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