After the 20th

20.01.2017 - 01.03.2017

Mixer Open Space, continuing to exhibit different artists’ individual works, gives place to Burak Kabadayı’s project named “After the 20th”!

The project, which was initiated by the registration of the biological coal production process carried out in one of the villages of Istanbul's Northern Forests, witnesses the stages of transformation from raw material to product around a single tree. The artist, while setting his analogy through the story of a particular tree traces the Represented.

'After the 20th'; exhibits the state in which an Absolute loses its essence through disintegration; the representability of the initial state through what it-is-not by manifesting its states of transformation that reference the initial entity through.

This situation is a projection of the self and its constituents composing a different self; the pieces that make up a whole over another state of itself.

The project observes the tree in relation to its milieu as its pieces drift away from the whole of their sum as each piece defines its own existence separately.
Based on the state of the represented within its domain, its transformation is carried over -out- to another domain with(out) tearing it away from its true self.

'After the 20th' presents a preview of the dialogue, experiences, and impressions that emerged during the project.