Are you awake

20.01.2018 - 24.02.2018

Mixer presents Işıl Arısoy Kaya’s first solo exhibition “Are you awake?” which is focusing on the imagery emerging from the subconsciousness and the human’s quest of its true self. The exhibition will meet the visitors on January 20th, 2018.

Taking herself in various places as the figure of her photographs, she superimposes the scenes to create abstract places. Interested in impermanence of the body and space together with the sense of not belonging to a place, Kaya points the questions to the viewer that she asked herself through her pursuit: I am the one with the clothes, but who am I? I am myself. The mirror. The one who reflects. The playground. The surrogate. The first comer. The one who comes once and again. The one who is in search. The one who cannot find. The one who finds. I am ascending. I am selfless. I am the way. I am the chosen one. The outside. The inside. The knowledge. The flesh. The bones. Who am I really?

The exhibition “Are you awake?” which takes place simultaneously with the “The Animal Side” can be seen at Mixer until February 24th, 2018.