Bengisu Bayrak

Profil foto.JPG

1978 Born in Herford, Germany.
Lives and works in Istanbul.


2008, Marmara University, Painting, PhD
2005, Istanbul Bilgi University, Film and TV, MA
2001, Marmara University, Painting, BA

Playing with our perception of ‘what is real' and ‘what is fake', Bengisu Bayrak’s works stand on a zone in which ‘the real' and ‘the fake' overlap and create an unclarity in the mind of viewers. Since 2001, she has been working on this perception through altering movie characters and plots to create fake realities. The medium in the body of work changes according to the topics, or to the concepts of the works. Sometimes, just like in the old times, she uses painting instead of photography and paint some documents and objects, letters, envelopes, even photographs, notes, magazine pages to epitomize the representation of the reality; and sometimes she manipulates the photographs and questions the acceptance of photography as being the only representation of reality; and sometimes to confound the perception of our space and time, she erases the spatial features in familiar moving images and create new spaces.