Exhibition Tour with Artists


This Is Not Us, This Is What Remained From Us & Seeing
Artists: Ali Şentürk, Nazlı Erdemirel

Date: Saturday, 12 October 2019

Time: 04.00 pm -05.00pm

Location: Mixer

You are invited to the exhibition tour with the participation of the artists, Ali Şentürk ‘’This Is Not Us, This Is What Remained From Us’’ and Nazlı Erdemirel ‘’Seeing’’ on Saturday, 12 October 2019.

This Is Not Us, This Is What Remained From Us,

The artist adopts various fields such as sculpture, painting, photography, video and performance as his production principle. He illustrates usually somebody’s life and experiences and sometimes his own experiences while using the interpretative, metaphorical and fictional sides of art. On the other hand, in this exhibition the audience could be able to witness Şentürk’s distinct characteristics from his all competed works or the ones at the idea stage so far; at the same time, the audience will connect with a new story that is emerged by misencounters.


Nazlı Erdemirel focuses on photography and she develops a response to the limited structure of the two-dimensional manner of this medium. Erdemirel concentrates on the continuity of the image with video by going beyond the limits of photography and aims to create a new visual style and an additional layer using different materials. Thus, the artist is looking for a way to freeze the moment while dreaming of things that did not happen but could have happened, visualizing the effort of mind trying to complete the image. The visual and perceptual illusions are exhilarating part of exploring different possibilities. Surreal illusions brought by the representation of a two-dimensional plane with objects forming different dimensions generate extraordinary experiences of ‘seeing’ action. The artist’s new series that is focusing on human body, aims to make the invisible visible and meanwhile invites the audience to experience this process by being a part of it.

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