19.08.2016 - 03.09.2016

Mixer’s new exhibition "Grid " brings together a group of emerging artists who divide their working plane into equal parts, form relations between those parts and treat rules and boundaries of the society and the individual as grids. While being a template consisted of equally sized units, such as squares or rectangles, grid helps us to find our way on maps, while establishes new relations between identical parts of a whole, creating new paths. Although its units are equal to each other, grid embraces the diversity of the structure or the surface it is laid on.

Artists: Mutlu Aksu, Rengin Altınalmaz, Irmak Canevi, Zehra Doğan, Harun Duran, Burak Kabadayı, Furkan Öztekin, Armando Rabadán, Kıvılcım Harika Seydim, Deniz Tarcan, Egemen Tuncer