Inclusion / Comprehension

07.04.2017 - 29.04.2017

Mixer will be hosting Inclusion / Comprehension (Kapsama / Kavrama) exhibition which brings together Sırma Doruk and Deniz Derin Akıncı’s works on April 7 - 29. This show will be merged the two different artistic practices of two artists in the same space.

Doruk and Akıncı, two artists who share the same atelier during the creation of the Kapsama/Kavrama exhibition, experience each other’s process of production and witness each other’s metas which progress independently from each other even though they focus on different subjects. Reflections of this process which have mentioned show itself clearly between the dialogues that artworks have built with each other. There is a precise connection for each work which feeds each other conceptually but based on different subjects.  This relation that two artists have made between their practices, intensifies the bond of their works which were created for the show and feeds its integrity.

In Kapsama exhibition, Sırma Doruk examines the unconscious mind emblematically and she indicates reflections of psychoanalytic theory in daily life. The artist focuses on influences of ‘essence’ of ‘existence’ and shaping of society by the individual. She asks certain questions about the variability of identity, the form of manipulation of reality by memory, the act of objects between past and present by using different mediums.

In Kavrama exhibition, Deniz Derin Akıncı invites questioning about notions such as a statute, social roles, gender, identity or beauty which are built on the concept of consumption rather than individual disturbance. She brings together audiences with assumed norms that are accepted by everyone through the practice of art.