Inner Surface

Mixer is hosting a new exhibition called “Inner Surface” between the dates of November 11 and December 3, the exhibition is the first solo exhibition of Murat Han Er who works on peoples relation with security between themselves and other people on the topic of hidden and preserved phenomena. Exhibition will contain the artist’s latest works of photography, video and instalations. 

“Inner Suface” processes being exposed or closed on human psychology and circumstanciality, and is getting the feeling of trust –which is an abstract concept- together with understanding of security –which is evaluted by standart parameters. While the artist is using the red and white warning tapes in order to define the personal space, at the same time he is disclosing the unsafe areas at public spaces. Artist is linking the illusional feeling protection by using materials like tape and package that are easy to breach with individuals defence tactics of it’s inwardness.
While artist is exposing his works –made with cyanotype tecnique- to the direct sunlight, he is also exposing the human psychology and discover the hidden emotions. While the paper that is left under the sun getting the blue color that is caused by the chemicals, the fresh blue tones are turning into a a deep, dark ultramarine of oceans. 

Murat Han Er who keeps his researcher identity and the relation of material with content forefront, is inviting us a journey where human psychology meets the Dynamics of the society.