Julie Nymann


1987, Born in Copenhagen, Denmark

Lives and works in New York and Copenhagen



2011, One-Year Certificate in Fine Art Fatamorgana The Danish School of Art Photography, Copenhagen
2012, One-Year Certificate in Photography General Studies, International Center of Photography, New York


Through installation and use of digital technology, she explores the construction of oneself in the digital age. She works with video, sound, and photography using elements of body performance to explore the complexity around notions of identity. Her projects are inspired by doppelgangers and mythology and examine narratives of attraction, repulsion and intimacy questioning womanhood and gender ideology. 

Digital technology has revolutionized the concept of self. Since one can exist on more mediums than ever before, she seeks to explore the barriers between inner lives. Through this she has developed an interest in modes of reproduction, including the implications brought on by duplicating oneself. Like a doppelganger looking into a mirror, the emotions brought on by seeing the same but feeling the difference is the primary focus.

Her process includes digital manipulation with attending to how video clips can blend and create new undertones. Working with cross-disciplinary artists in sound, performance and digital animation, in the creation has heightened and enhanced the projects. Currently she uses Premiere Pro and After Effect when editing her films. Immersing herself into sculptural video she investigates connections between the space and the observer by using materials and objects in dialog with the video.