Last Call

Alican Leblebici


Alican Leblebici’s solo exhibition is looking for ways to confront the dreads of the past, present and, the future. This exhibition, which focuses on gradual transformation of personal fears shaped by the ruling powers into mass ones, presents a perspective about the representation and confrontation of the fears.

The biggest purpose of criminology science today is preventing crime, by exploring and examining the concept of crime through methods such as x ray, which investigates the invisible, within the body. The artist underlines an abstract and obscure approach, such as surveillance and crime association through his x-ray paintings. He draws attention to the relation between the art and the crime by placing Da Vinci’s artwork Salvator Mundi "The Savior of the World” which is sold with a record price in the past years, in a suitcase just like an art trafficker. Leblebici presents a view that shows to the artist as a criminal and art becoming a crime element.

The artist questions the fears raised through familiar and daily objects in the exhibition. The sound of the alarm clock waken us in the morning is the starting point of this serial. The objects that Leblebici chooses to confront with his fears; are more of provocative and aggressive than modest, subtle and peaceful. The exhibition demonstrates discrete powers of objects such as alarm clock, high-ranking officer's hat, anti-depressants, and flying board, which can be either by establishing power relations or by dealing with the fears.

The artist has CANCELLED all flights on the flight dashboard, which indicates border and security policies, in order to emphasize the devastating effects of today's crises. The airports are described as a transit place, becoming a concise symbol of mobility and globalization. This transit zone, which is used to escape fate or poverty due to crises such as violence, riots, wars, earthquakes or famine, is turning into a frowning prison like space when its doors are closed.

In these days, which is globally chaotic, Alican Leblebici is inviting the audience to the exhibition with his "Last Call" where he is questioning whether the exit is at the gates or inside us.

Photography by Nazlı Erdemirel