15.12.2017 - 13.01.2018

Mixer presents Gökçe İrten’s first solo exhibition ‘’Neighborhood’’ which focuses on urban transformation and its reflections on households by the 15th of December.

The change in the understanding of urbanization over the last few years brought different ways of life with it. The transformation of conventional residential areas to the skyscrapers detracted people from socializing as ending the neighborhood culture. Squeezing neighborhoods into single buildings created isolated lives by decreasing the trust and sincerity.

The characters of the exhibition watching each other from varied windows make the uneasiness caused by the displacement by urban transformation visible. The frames Gökçe Irten collected over time that have their own stories are used as a metaphor representing homes in which people look outside and their memories. The works confront the audience with the squeezed people in concrete buildings and their different stories through their eyes. “Neighborhood” focuses on gradually decreasing human contact and also examines the loneliness caused by the rapid change in living spaces.

Taking place at the same time with the exhibition “GUEST: Unexpected”, Gökçe İrten’s solo exhibition “Neighbourhood” can be seen at Mixer until January 13th.