Big Baboli Print House Workshop Visit


 18 May Saturday -13.30-15.00

In this event, specific printmaking methods such as serigraphy and engraving frequently preferred by artists will be demonstrated for the visitors by the founders of Big Baboli Print House Zeynep (Zezeah) and Mehmet Şakir Kış along with Cins, which you might be familiar from the Printed’19 exhibition. This event in which the attendants get to observe the printing process aims to inform the participants about these authentic printmaking techniques and share the process of production with the participants.
The event is free of charge to join and participation is limited to 7 people. Please fill the participation form in order to join.

Meeting point: 

Big Baboli, Zühtüpaşa District, Camii Street, 34724 Kadıköy/İstanbul