Upside Down

27.11.2017 - 9.12.2017

Claude Lévi-Strauss claims that the roots of anthropology lie in an uneven power confrontation between the West and the Third World. The West unethically uses the outcomes of anthropological surveys that are executed on the exploited Third World societies for its own benefit as contrary to its social values. From the objects to the cultural symbols, in spite of being common heritage, these serve for making primitive definitions in order to distort the reality of these societies.

Ahmet Sarı, in his works, addresses to the found objects which are used by anthropologists to understand the perceptions and life cycle of masses while creating a systematic definition. The artist criticizes the West for its unethical convention to the objects in which they are interpreted to create a model of society while wrecking its original demographic structure. According to the artist, the undergoing ambiguity of orientalism and the political realities are also consequences of this.

Ahmet Sarı, in his new exhibition "Upside Down", opens the societies' unstable power balance to discussion while building distinctive narratives on the same objects. He traces the common links and the dialogues which are generated by the objects' wholeness.

The objects, congested and formed to an exquisite play, involves the viewer and draws attention to the relativity of perception, the anxiety of current life and the disguise of the comfort zone. Ahmet Sarı's works and the sketch books that are witnesses of the process of the last two years will be on display between October 27th and December 9th, 2017 at Mixer.