Training: Collecting art with heart and brain


Collecting art with heart and brain

An insight in theories and practices of collecting contemporary art

05 - 26 February 2019

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Mixer, believing in the importance of art for the community and adopting the accessible art culture, continues the Training Programs with Prof. Dr. Marcus Graf. This four-week seminar discusses how to set up a collection of contemporary art by presenting various strategies of how to start, manage and extend a collection. Besides issues like artist research, work selection, gallery and auction house relations, also current issues regarding art’s economy and the art market will be analyzed.

The session in the last week of the event will be accompanied by folding of gallery managers and collectors. Invited speakers; Leyla Pekin, Ömer Özyürek, Juma Karaköy gallery managers, Aslı Sümer (ArtSumer), Eda Derala (Pi Artworks), Daryo Beskinazi (X-ist), Bengü Gün (Mixer)

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Dates: 5, 12, 19, 26 February 2019 - Tuesday (4 week)

Training Hours: 11:00 -13:00

Quota: 30 people

Price: 500 TL /Student and Group Discounted Price (5 Persons or more): 400 TL

For inquiries;

Mixer, Mumhane Street. No: 46-50, Karaköy / İstanbul/ Turkey
(0212)243 54 43