Isil Egrikavuk


1980 Born in İzmit.
Lives and works in İstanbul.


Boğaziçi University, Western Literature, BA
The School of The Art Institute Chicago, Visual Arts, MA


Based on a popular goal-show format on TV, this video installation looks at the process that Turkey has been going through since June 2013 and the (un) workings of the police system. Eğrikavuk wrote the scenario after anonymous interviews with police members who are syndicate members. The script tells the story of Ferit, a young man who studied archeology at university, yet ended up being a policeman due to his long unemployment. One day he joins a football-game show on TV through telephone. While the show’s host tries to guide Ferit to score more goals, we slowly realize why he joined the show. Not happy with the life and job he has, Ferit announces that he is in fact looking for people who will rent his uniform and work instead of him.