Documentary Screening - Welcome Lenin


Mixer is preparing a documentary screening associated to the ‘Green Mold‘ exhibition !

February 21, 2019 Thursday - 06.30 pm

Location: Mixer

Welcome Lenin

Documentary 20 ' | 2016

Turkish (with English subtitles)

Production: Hoşgeldin Lenin Kolektifi

Prepared by: Begüm Özden Fırat, Aylin Kuryel, Ahmet Murat Öğüt, Emre Yeksan

Editing: Aylin Kuryel, Fırat Yücel

Documentarist 2016 - Special Jury Award

Welcome Lenin chronicles the story of the Lenin statue, most likely thrown away after the collapse of the Soviet Union, traveled for almost two years in the Black Sea to be eventually put “under protection” in a dusty storage room in a municipality building in a remote village in Turkey. 

Event is Free