09.03.2017 - 01.04.2017

People start to witness, observe and experience the time and space that they live in as soon as they are born. Our minds record objects, emotions and characters in these spaces as a moment and create memories by collecting from these moments. Time and spatial relations, which constitute among recorded memories, are about the experiential routine of the human mind. A person’s position of self in society is effective in shaping these memories.

The exhibition confronts the audience with the ‘moments’ they keep for themselves and the spaces they have created as a reflection of their remains.  5 artists are questioning the relationship of their inner worlds with the spaces they have created.

İris Ergül remarks the human mind's ancient memory beyond the restriction of individuality. Ergül invites the audience to be a witness to her memories using objects that represent her connection with the past. Furkan Öztekin questions our emotional states within the places we attribute meaning to by making collages of the places he has visited most. Özge Yağcı’s ‘‘dream weed'' series represents the relationship between moments and space via stagnant plants.Elif Özen invites us to observe a moment in a different place by using frames of isolated places. In this sense, isolation from a social sphere, especially for women, creates the basis for Merve Üstünalp's works. Üstünalp remarks on the awkward moments that women are physically included but emotionally isolated through the norms of patriarchal society.

Artistsİris ErgülFurkan ÖztekinElif ÖzenMerve ÜstünalpÖzge Yağcı