Walking Distance


Artists: Ahmet Duru, Doğu Özgün, Emre Baykal, Ozan Atalan, Umut Toros

01.03.2019 - 07.04.2019

Between March 1 and April 6, Mixer is hosting the group exhibition “Walking Distance” in its main exhibition area. The exhibition brings the works of fine artists Ahmet Duru, Doğu Özgün, Emre Baykal, Ozan Atalan and Umut Toros together.

The exhibition focuses on the notion of walking, which became the spark of civilization and resulted in mankind reaching out and spreading all around the world. The action of walking – which many thinkers consider as a tool in the process of questioning – has also been a part of artistic production since ancient times.Walking is also a political action that symbolizes change and the desire for change.

Walking, as a physical process, allows the individual to remain alone with their own thoughtful flow, away from the stereotyped norms of society. In this sense, walking is a step towards freedom. Today, it reflects not only a personal and internal transformation, but also a social movement.

The artists are taking part in this exhibition consider ‘walking’ as part of their production process and interpret it according to their own art practices.