Close to self

06.02.2015 - 15.03.2015

After introducing many young and frequently mentioned artists to the art world, Mixer now hosts Gülşah Bayraktar’s miniature worlds milled on small wooden surfaces in February.

We want our photographs to carry happy marks from particular moments. Looking back at a photograph, we remember as we combine our memories with the feeling that the photo gives us. We don’t stand alone in those happy moments; we want someone or something next to us to appear in that photo. Then, why there is a need for someone or something –it could be a simple thing as well as a monument or an organic structure–? Is it because they contribute to our construction of identity, or because they visually set off our character? Or with all of these, is it because they also ally with our emotions?

Gülşah Bayraktar's exhibition “close to self” including her recent paintings, invites the audience to a reading of memory through the individual’s construction of identity. With her unique style, Bayraktar visualizes photo images found by coincidence and fictionalizes them. Her works meticulously made on tiny mdf surfaces also allow the viewers to experience the exhibition space in a different way through a contradiction on proportions.

Gülşah Bayraktar was born in 1979 and she completed her undergraduate degree in 2001 at Izmir Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting. In 2005, she completed her masters at Marmara University, Fine Arts Institute, Painting. She continues her PhD at Hacettepe University, Fine Arts Institute, Painting.