Deniz İkizler - Self Performance


Otoperformans | Self-Performance by Deniz İkizler

18th January , 08.00 pm

Deniz İkizler, which aims to enable the audience to face their own conditioning in their production, carries out their work in an interactive way. She also places her work as an authority that often conditions her work, and directs the viewer the discomfort of being conditioned by direct experience. Sometimes it offers a variety of alternatives to raise awareness of other points that it wants to draw attention to. In this way, he invites the experiencing audience to think about how free his choices are. When the artist examines the condition of identity, she interprets the audience with his productions which make the parallels visible with the dialectic point of view.

The work titled Self-performance by Deniz İkizler combines the previous performances with a single performance and acts with an idea that it transforms into an installation. While bringing these two types of art together, the artist also takes care of the next chapters of the time a video and photographed performance art first meets the audience. In this way, it offers multiple viewpoints by combining each layer of Self-performance into video, photography and installation, and presenting each layer of its performance to the audience. While focusing on the the quality of self-performance, she questions which is the main performance; the one audience is watching now or the previous performance.

Text: Arda Can Özsu

Deniz İkizler (b. 1988, Istanbul) graduated from the Painting Department of the Fine Arts Faculty of Marmara University in 2013 and opened her personal studio the same year. She took place in The International Performance Association (IPA), Mamut Art Project, ARTIST Istanbul Art Fair and many other art institutions with her performances, installations and paintings. Deniz İkizler continues her life and work in Istanbul.

Photo: Semih Duman

Photo: Semih Duman