Furkan Öztekin


Born in Tekirdağ.
Lives and works in Tekirdağ.


2016, Dokuz Eylül University,Faculty of Fine Arts, Printing, BA

Furkan Öztekin’s works focus on the relationship  between the society and the individuals with different sexual identities. In his works, we can observe the subjectivity of the queer world that an individual tries to create. He aims to interpret the environment he is in and the ideas he defends with an anti-homophobic attitude.

In the ‘In a Distant Shade’ series he pins Ulker Street and Pürtelas Street that LGBT+ individuals live and struggle to live in 1990’s as the symbol of resistance. He documents the exclusion policies and the power struggles in those two streets. He emphasizes that streets or places can also have a identity like humans. The exhibition shows that big cities aims to destroy instead of respecting the identity diversities.