Image Still

16.01.2016 - 13.02.2016

“Image Still” seeks to search the concept of the image today, and how artists interpret the evolution of the image.  Nowadays where the boundaries between these definitions are becoming ever-more transparent, the exhibition traces the journey of the image as a medium.

Deriving from the ‘moment’, the image is static yet in motion, as it is situated in time in eternity …

The exhibition reinterprets how we are looking instead of what we are looking at, or even reversing the lens, grasping that moment of transition and intersection in between the visual illusions that is created by the trans-definitionary characteristics of time-based medias.

If one would think of the image within this scope, the image as a medium for time-based works, the shutter speed and lens aperture become time-based elements; therefore the decision and the question of how long time is to interfere with the perception comes to surface. 

Is time gained or chosen to be lost in this process, to create this particular reality?

When does an image or an artwork become time-based?

Nowadays where visuality and images are predominantly invading our sense of Realities in different ways, these works question the concept of the image in their own reality.

Beyond defining the image itself or photography as a medium, Image Still encourages a way to spectate on the evolution of the image in this sense in particular, and takes the audience on a journey through time…

Begüm Yamanlar superposes multi-layers to an extent where she creates a surrealistic natural luminous effect; İsmail Eğler challenges our perception with his time-based video installation. Şener Soysal redefines the unique nature of the polaroid by making a series, Egemen Tuncer reinterprets the concept of a digital image whereas Fırat Giraygil's picturesque photographs are completely painted with time, by not manipulating his images digitally. The exhibition continues with İrem Sözen’s diary-like images, Elena Lyakir’s time-tracing frames, Nikolaj Rasmussen’s distorted flowers, Erdem Aydın’s photographs in motion and Işıl Arısoy Kaya’scolors that disperse in time, and Can Dağarslanı’s photographs that reveal the image as an organic transit in perception instead of optical illusions.

Artists: Begüm Yamanlar, İsmail Eğler, Elena Lyakir, Şener Soysal, Egemen Tuncer, Fırat Giraygil, İrem Sözen, Nikolaj Rasmussen, Işıl Arısoy Kaya, Erdem Aydın, Can Dağarslanı, Julie Nymann