Last Exit

19.08.2016 - 03.09.2016

Kürşat Bayhan has started the project which named “Last Exit” about three years ago. It started photographing the changes in the city he live in as well as the topographic changes in the rural areas surrounding it. During the weekend trips to the construction sites and path of the highways and connecting roads, Bayhan took the time to speak with those living in the area. To illustrate this, the artist came up with a three-point metaphor involving rural life, the landscape and portraits.

Despite the climate and flora being within easy reach of 20 million people, being only an hour away from the population centers, it is very much reminiscent of a small town in Anatolia; knowing that it will soon disappear is simply saddening.

The project “Last Exit” is an open call for citizen of İstanbul to recognize what is happening at the North of the City. Projects at the North of İstanbul called Mega is portent of big changes for city. Even now heat islands affect the climate of city. Wild animals escaped from constriction had to find new home range to survive. The “Last Exit” project will be completed with an exhibition and a book. It will be a photographic documentation of Memorial of Northern İstanbul.