Linoleum Printing Workshop : Ayşe Ateş, Çağla Sel, Damla Yalçın

Güzeşte exhibition artists Ayşe Ateş, Çağla Sel and Damla Yalçın will teach the origins of print in linoleum printing workshop.

In the workshop that Ayşe Ateş, Çağla Sel and Damla Yalçın will collaborate, after the information about preparation and selection of the images, participants will experience the whole process and application. Participants will have the chance of creating a small and several edition new year gift for themselves or their loved ones !

Linoleum is a base material that is formed by linseed oil, natural resin, mushroom powder, hemp

sawdust and plastered with limestone. In linoleum printing technique, selected image gets carved on the linoleum with special cutting knives and the surface gets painted by printing ink and rollers. In the printing process higher areas that is not carved create the print. In this case, you need the create the negative of the image that you want to transfer to the paper.

All the materials that are needed will be present for the participants;

  • A  layer of 10.5x15 cm linoleum

  • Linoleum cutting knife 

  • Paper that the print will pressed

  • Wooden Spoon that will be used during the printing process

  • Ink 

Participants can select already present images or can draw their own images ,that will be carved, with a marker directly on the 10.5x15 cm linoleum layer. 

Linoleum Printing Workshop

January 12, Saturday


Limited by 15 people

Participation to the workshop is free.

Please fill the participation form.

For further information and contact :

0212 243 54 43