Art Stage Singapore 2018

Mixer is attending the leading contemporary art fair in Asia, Art Stage Singapore, held between 25 - 28 January 2018 featuring Berkay BugdanSibel Kocakaya and Alican Leblebici. Mixer who has met the audience with Bugdan’s solo show at Art Stage for the last two years, brings together three artists under the theme “Beauty: Is it all about perspective?” this year.

The selected works by Berkay Bugdan questions the beauty concept with his mastery on steel. In the exhibition, an interactive instrument-sculpture made of steel accompanies two romantic nude images symbolising the ‘ideal beauty’ on a rusted steel which is doomed to decay by time. The interactive sculpture “Shear”, which can be remembered from Bugdan’s solo exhibition titled “Reclamation”, emphasizes the “transience” concept.

Alican Leblebici who is known with his hyper-realistic paintings will take part in the Art Stage with his works on beauty perception through the doll industry. While these dolls impose a perception on beauty standards, they keep their critical place in the consumption culture. Leblebici’s latest works are tracing the industrial perception management tools within the fast-changing world and technology that idealize and homogenize women body.

Sibel Kocakaya who centralizes redefining space and the relationship between body and space in her works, intervenes the images of nature via etching and painting techniques in her works at Art Stage. These intervened images reflect the transformation of conceptual process of the same image depending on the perspective. In the diptych photographic images the artist is adding a new dimension bringing a new sense via etching and painting techniques.

With the goal of supporting young artists in Turkey, Mixer is aiming to open the beauty concept to debate in Singapore, one of Asia's most important cultural centers, with three artists who have different mediums and viewpoints.