New Perceptions: Body and Boundaries

10.01.2014 -

The exhibition, which includes recent works of Kocakaya, transforms the artist’s reactional expressions to conditions that she sets up on her own body.

In process of the conscious not accepting to be at the forefront, we turn to some behavior patterns with the act of expressing the physical and internal states. We set up the way of mental or physical escape on the re-construction of a new identity producing different behavior patterns.

In addition, the increasing isolation in urban life and alienation of the individual due to cultural differences in the city with the concept of immigration is in question. The individuals are trapped between family, society and themselve. They are in a constant struggle with her own existence in the constantly changing living conditions of time and space.

In the works of Kocakaya, the identity changing in the axis of uncertainty of the space is visualized as the position of seeking its own existence. The ambiguity in faces, in a sense, gives a clue to the distributional relationship established between the viewer and the artist.

The solo exhibition of Kocakaya including image, photograph and video works focuses on the expression of mental action and physical reaction of human to circumstances she is in. The artist uses her own body as a model in her works while produces a new faceless body dispelling her facial expressions.