Not Quite As Thought

15.11.2013 - 22.12.2013

In her work, Özge Enginöz creates representations that is an intended criticism aimed at highlighting the distinctions between personal observations of ourselves, and how we are perceived, where the differences become ever more apparent through adaptations in the lifestyles and behaviours of our modern day lives.

The post-modern age creates some existential problems such as the objectification of the body, identity problems, social pre-acceptances, and individuality in common life. These problems put forward the duality of body/consciousness, and also naturalise the process of individuals positioning themselves within the outside world.

In her works, the artist features people who are in dilemma with the civilization created by themselves and combines the figurative and supernatural elements on her canvas. The distance between the individual and his actions is growing step-by-step and strengthening into a strange and grey place. The elements are technically hierarchical; yet on one plane and standing side by side, which contributes to a ‘misleading’ effect of depth on the surface.

Familiar and unfamiliar elements create a meaningful unity together in the viewer’s imagination and emphasize the duality of present and future. Enginöz skillfully establishes these relationships on the presence of the canvas’ surface with the general use of color, strengthening the reality of those supernatural elements.