Observed Truths

20.01.2017 - 01.03.2017

Reality can be interpreted as the process of transforming imperceptible concepts into perceptible ones. While performing a review on the relativity and necessity of the concept of reality, the exhibition questions the concept of Reality shaped with regard to the references the elements of perception create within themselves.

In line with this reference, it is the indiscipline itself, where ways of perception are perpetually diversified and adapted on, that is Absolute.

The effort to measure and define the Observable is an act of conceptualisation carried out by Imagination that urges to reach the limits of the Unobservable.

Observed Truths presents different solo projects from five artists; Mutlu Aksuexposes the transformation processes of natural and experimental development based on `replication` and `reproduction` while developing perspectives on the transformations occurring within the process.

Irmak Canevi’s composition of unexpected elements creates a questionable stability that bears possibilities of another world hidden beyond ‘matter’. The artist also interprets the vagueness of memory and bygone presences with reality.

Özcan Saraç portrays the elements which we have made a part of our reality and those we could not; basing them as his research on the validity of the `human` system. 

Ezgi Tok mediates the reciprocal evaluation of two elements of reality and readdresses the relationship between the measuring instrument and the measured.

Eren Bayrak questions the formats visual perception developed for mass-production and allows us to observe our visual reality from different viewpoints, which is shaped according to the projections of mass communication devices.

ArtistsMutlu AksuEren BayrakIrmak CaneviÖzcan SaraçEzgi Tok