Emre Baykal, Esra Özgüroglu, Nazli Erdemirel

Mixer brings together three photographers who focus on the nature and the mind and how the two work in collaboration. The exhibition will take place at Mixer's project space between September 14th and October 20th. There is a direct correlation between nature and mind. While trying to perceive the nature, our minds unwittingly analyze this event with the help of different links. Unlike the generally known reasoning process, this amazing ability of analysis in our brain is related to the "pattern perception". Pattern is a regular and intelligible form or sequence in which something happens or is done. In other words, it is used to express a repetition and order in the sequence of any event that the human mind can notice.

We can state that the nature carries its own rules as Francis Bacon states ‘nature is only subdued by submission, by observing the rules of nature’. Unwittingly, our mind perceives the patterns of the nature and guides us with an instinct by making mathematical calculations and warning us against certain situations. Our mind interprets the nature with its internal reasoning system.

When we walk through the works of the artists in this exhibition; Emre Baykal captures the distinctness and subjectivity of different living groups in addition to their common consciousness and behavior. He demonstrates that focusing one within the state of anonymity root in the crowd reveals that each creature actually differs from each other.. Esra Özgüroğlu interrogates the effects of photographed images at different times in daily life, replicates each other, completes each other silently through imagination. Nazlı Erdemirel focuses on the progression of the frames by freezing a video and capturing the static moments. With this, the artist aims to follow a path in which the mind completes the story with past experience, can add things that have not happened yet and leaves the viewer with an opportunity to dream.

Photography by Nazlı Erdemirel