Sense of Movement

27.10.2017 - 9.12.2017

Mixer is pleased to present the group show "Sense of Movement" of Kürşat Bayhan, Çağdaş Erdoğan, Furkan Temir and Murat Şaka between October 27th and December 9th, 2017 featuring the artists' photographic works in last two years. While the exhibition highlights the last year's agenda both of Turkey and the world, it accentuates the crossing areas of photography and journalism.

Photojournalism has occurred with the invention of portable technologies by emancipating photographers from bulky equipments. Many sources claim that Roger Fenton's shoots during the Crimean War in 1855 was a milestone specifically for the war photography. In 1930, the first 35 mm camera, the Leica led to a rapid development for photojournalism. Along with the technological evolution, societal needs is also influential as forming the perception to the field. Especially the increase in the number of new media means and prominence of various communications tools different than the photograph generated new approaches to journalism.

Today, the line between photojournalism and artistic photo is getting thinner. The involvement of renowned photojournalists in art museums was also an important step in this regard. Marius de Zayas, in his introduction to the 42nd issue of the Camera Work magazine in 1913, explains the difference between the two as:

“The difference between Photography and Artistic photography is that in the former, man tries to get at that objectivity of Form, which generates the different conceptions that man has of Form, while the second uses the objectivity of Form to express a preconceived idea in order to convey an emotion… In the first, man tries to represent something that is outside of himself; in the second he tries to represent something that is in himself…” The new generation of photojournalists endeavor to build their own styles within this artistic approach.

The four photograph artists / photojournalists in the show had remarkable works recently and also represent Turkey on international platforms.

Artists: Kürşat BayhanÇağdaş ErdoğanFurkan Temir and Murat Şaka