Printed '17 "The Multiplier Effect"

05.05.2017 - 10.06.2017

Mixer’s Printed series, whereby the gallery aims to make are more accessible, continues in 2017 with “The Multiplier Effect”!

The 2017 selection, which brings together works from modern as well as contemporary masters, has been put together by Eda Kehale Argün. Kehale herself studied Printmaking at Northwestern University’s Art Department. InPrinted ‘17 “The Multiplier Effect”, Mixer focuses on making noteworthy artists accessible to a wider audience. By including works spanning 30 years and a wide range of media in the selection, Kehale aspires to share with the audience the ‘multiplier effect’ of editioned artworks in different dimensions of art.

Printed ‘17 “The Multiplier Effect” offers a wide selection of techniques from photographs and videos to artistic prints, including serigraphy and linoleum among others. The preliminary objective of the show is presenting artworks with more accessible prices to wider audiences.

The exhibition will be also supported by a series of talks and workshops on printing techniques and limited edition artworks. You can follow the updated event calendar and workshop schedules at

ArtistsAbidin DinoAhmet SarıAyça TelgerenAyşe Gül SüterBurhan DoğançayÇağlar KanzıkCANANCanan TolonCemil Batur GökçeerElif ÖzenFerruh BaşağaGülsün KaramustafaGüneş Bulut YılmazHale Güngör OppenheimerHasan Özgür TopHera BüyüktaşçıyanHuo Rfİnci EvinerKerem Ozan BayraktarLarissa ArazMurat BalcıMurat GermenNazif TopçuoğluÖmer UluçÖzge EnginözRasim AksanSeçkin PirimSENASiavash KheirkahSinan DemirtaşTiraje DikmenVolkan AslanYasemin ÖzcanYaşam ŞaşmazerYuşa Yalçıntaş.

About Eda Kehale Argün

Eda Kehale Argün graduated from Northwestern University‘s College of Arts and Sciences in 2011 with degrees in Economics and Art Theory and Practice with a concentration on Printmaking. Following her graduation, she gained work experience in different sectors for a decade. She has been the Istanbul Representative for Christie’s Auction House for the past 7 years. Kehale often lays emphasis on the importance of young generations in the visual arts, and was on the Jury of Mamut Art Project in 2015. She is also an ambassador to Genç Modern, Istanbul Modern’s programme for young art enthusiasts and collectors.